Mitra Overseas Pvt Ltd. is a manpower recruiting agency in Nepal which is established in 2002, Our office is located in the heart of the city of Kathmandu Nepal. We are registered and approved as a recruiting agent with the Ministry of Labor & manpower and our license number is Licence No. 297/058/059. We have the professionals who could supply the right candidates to meet the desired / required job specifications.

Message From Managing Director

I am delighted to introduce Mitra Overseas Pvt. Ltd. which is a trusted and faithful name in the field of overseas employment of manpower and human resources. The company runs an efficient network throughout Nepal and capable of recruiting personnel to fulfill the requirement of our valuable overseas employer. Nepal is blessed with abundance of manpower and is in search of exporting its manpower to other countries.

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Message From CEO

Mitra Overseas Pvt. Ltd. offers manpower, outsourcing, staffing solution and human resource (HR) services in multiple sectors of the industry from our offices in the Gulf Countries, Malaysia and Europe. Mitra Overseas Pvt. Ltd. provides international manpower services and Career Development Services across the world. Our priority is client satisfaction and we guarantee the organizations and the employee are in a condition of congruity before the appointment.

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